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Efficient and Stable Forex Platform

Black Horse

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Black Horse

Efficient and Stable Forex Platform

Black Horse

Efficient and Stable Forex Platform


Platform & Product

Financial products with the largest and most active trading volume in the world
As well as dozens of foreign exchange currency pairs, precious metals, energy, stock index CFD financial derivatives

Meta Trader 4

  • Over 90% of transactions in the foreign exchange market are executed through MT4 trading platform.
  • MT4 is currently one of the most popular and praised financial trading software among global investors.
  • Information price, chart analysis, index programming, alert, news, e-mail communication, etc.
  • The platform supports the function of creating Expert Advisor Intelligent Transaction System (EA) program in MQL language


  • Financial products with the largest and most active trading volume in the world
  • Participants include government central banks, commercial banks and financial institutions.
  • The average daily volume of foreign exchange transactions in the world is US$12 trillion
  • 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, allow you to trade at any time


Finance and economics column

Market Analysis, Current News, Financial Dynamics, Video Dismantling
Make a living by trading, learn freely, and give the most professional operational advice in Black Horse Foreign Exchange

Forex Revaluation

Education and tools

Check up on the latest financial events and keep an eye on developments
Black Horse Black Foreign Exchange Full Set Foundation-Advanced Materials to Help You Gallop the Foreign Exchange Market

STP through train

STP through-train, customers'orders are sent directly to their liquidity providers (banks or other brokers), which can deal directly in the inter-bank foreign exchange market.

Multi account software
  • Multi-account software is a system developed exclusively by Black Horse
  • Technical support for professional traders and brokers to manage multiple MT4 trading accounts at the same time
Dark horse market activities
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Strong Training Team
  • Black Horse has a professional and experienced technical team
  • The sales team of the agent can be trained in sales skills, communication skills, customer psychology and so on.
  • To lay the foundation for the agent to further expand their business

Media cooperation

Brokerage column, exchange review column, black horse salon, financial Fair
Black Horse maintains close cooperation with well-known financial media all over the country.

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Risk statement: All foreign exchange and differential contract transactions will bring high risks to your capital, and you may lose all your capital. Therefore, these products may not be suitable for everyone. You should ensure that you understand the risks involved and consult if necessary.

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